Networking in Moscow-City
What is Citymate?
Citymate is a community of people somehow related to Moscow-City

What opportunities does Citymate provide?
Random meetings one by one via the chat-bot
Acquintance with new people via the chat-bot
Regular events in Moscow City
2-4 times a month we conduct different events in Moscow City
Advanced networking
Soon we will please you with new opportunities of Citymate:) Coming soon...
About the chat-bot of Citymate
Once a week the chat-bot of our community helps turn your lunch, breakfast or a coffee break in Moscow City into an expedition for knowledge and an opportunity to meet interesting like-minded people.

How is the chat-bot Citymate working?
You fill out the registration form on our web-site and then get contacted by our community manager who will provide you with access to opportunities of our community including the chat-bot. In addition you can subscribe to our telegramm channel and our instagram channel and follow our news.
New contact every week
Once a week the chat-bot will ask you if you want to have a meeting next week and if you answer yes it will send you a citymate randomly selected from confirmed members. Getting in touch with each other can be done in person or by phone / Zoom / Skype / WhatsApp.
Get acquainted with one person, every month - with 4 people, every year - with 52 people.
About events of Citymate
Almost every week we hold cool events in Moscow-City, the main goal of which is networking. We have already held such events as, for example, the communication game Brief, business speed dating, "What? Where? When?", Wine & Travel, emotional intelligence, Russian avant-garde, goals and goal-setting, personal brand and chess. Our regular meetings are the investment club and the English language club. At our events, you can be not only a listener, but also, if you wish, even a speaker!
Join our meetings, it will be interesting!
At school or the university, many friends and new people were constantly met, but then our network closed and life became less colorful.
The community Citymate was created to allow professionals to expand their social network, discuss ideas, find a sports partner, or simply have an interesting and cheerful lunch. Our chat-bot will help you save your time and arrange a meeting, as well as help you start communication easily and naturally. If you are ready for taking part in offline events then come and join our events in Moscow City where you will find other interesting people.
Who are members of the Citymate?
People of absolutely different professions, positions, and ages are registered in our community: they are entrepreneurs, officials, successful managers of large companies, young specialists who are just starting their career path.
No formality, everyone is equal here and everyone has only one goal - communication. Via our chat-bot and our regular events, you can meet with a partner of the Big Four, an investment banker from VTB, a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, or an ordinary person who is open to communication and ready to share his ideas with you.
Why in Moscow City?
Moscow City has become a city within a city:
• Moscow-City has offices of more than 2 thousand companies, banks, ministries - Ozone, Alibaba, Uralchem, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, RDIF, Renaissance Capital, Transneft, KPMG, etc.
• Every day, Moscow City is visited by 100-200 thousand people, comparable to the population of such cities as Pskov and Veliky Novgorod.
A city within a city makes it easy and quick to organize a meeting with one of the many interesting people who have a unique experience and ready to communicate and share their thoughts and knowledge.
Participation fee
Friends, our community is growing, and in order to maintain it at a quality level, we are introducing an annual participation fee for all new members
Fee for 12 months
- Opportunity to participate in weekly meetings via chatbot
- Discounts on regular community events
- Access to a closed database of community members
- Support from the community manager
2 000 roubles
Per year
Founders of the project - Alla Dirks and Ilya Shumov
Cofounder of the project Citymate
More than 15 years in the investment business in banks and investment companies, consulting. Studies at the Startup Leadership Program. Likes to discover new travel locations and organizes exciting trips in the Network + Sport & Travel concept.
Cofounder of the project Citymate
More than 10 years in the investment business, including work in Germany. Works in the IB division of Rosselkhozbank, teaches several financial courses at the Higher School of Economics and is fond of trading. Loves live communication and new acquaintances with interesting people. Always ready to help with practical advice and the right contact.
Our ambassadors
Anna Kalygina
Our indispensable communtiy-manager
Alexey Mikhailov
Facilitartor, host, moderator, designer of educational programs, podcaster and simply a good guy
Mikhail Smirnov
Photographer, painter, art-director, designer of prints and accessories
Ksenia Isakova
"After switching to remote work, I lost the opportunity to do what I really like - to make new interesting acquaintances. But that has changed since the moment I started using Citymate. Thanks to the platform, I was fortunate enough to meet very interesting people from different fields, exchange thoughts and experiences, get valuable advice and a list of useful business literature. I am looking forward to future meetings)"
"Citymate is the best what happened to me during the lockdown"
"Convenient service that does not require the installation of a third-party application. One person per week is given, which is very convenient, you do not search, do not scroll, do not choose. As a rule, there are interesting and open people. I like the format."
"Convenient service that does not require the installation of a third-party application."
Registration in our community

Participation fee amounts 2 000 rubles per year.
Join the community Citymate and let's together make Moscow City a friendlier place. Have a nice meeting!
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